About us and the aims of the charity

Good is Planet Earth is a recently formed charitable organisation intent on spreading the message of recognition that the astounding planet we take for granted is becoming wounded and fragmented. Neglect and failure to acknowledge that the health of the planet depends on a complex web of finely tuned interactions is leading to indisputable evidence of damage and rapid change, directly attributable to the actions of large sections of humanity. The atmosphere is changing, the balance of chemistry in the oceans is altering, ice caps are melting, deserts are expanding, we are rapidly losing species, forests are disappearing, coral reefs are dying – the list goes on. The end result? We do not yet fully understand the consequences of our actions, but we do know that future generations will not thank us for the legacy we leave them unless we begin to act, and quickly, to try to restore balance. If ours is an age of anxiety at the uncertainty of the effects of climate change, then now is the time to move towards a long overdue age of responsibility and care of our planet; if this is all we can do in the time we have then it will be a major achievement, and hopefully not too late.

We at Goodisplanetearth therefore believe that change must occur at root level. We do not want to fly high with our charity, rather we want to dig deep, lay new foundations, new roots, all of which say we will bind our planet together with understanding, responsibility, care and consideration.


We are but caretakers, and care we must take.

Good is Planet Earth - Our vision statement

To raise awareness of environmental issues at the roots of society: the adult, the child, the artist, the business person, the official....the community. And thus, with strong roots, we can move to influence the wider world of which we are but caretakers.

How will we do this?

With research, with action, with music, with art but most of all with education and awareness aimed at reducing our impact on the environment.

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