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Malcolm, the founder and Chairman of Goodisplanetearth, has, over the past two years, been keeping bees on his property on the Lizard peninsula, Cornwall.

Leading by example, Malcolm has left no stone unturned in his bid to raise organic bees, including contacting British Sugar to confirm that none of the sugar beet they use in their products have been genetically modified, ensuring that even the sugar-water used to feed his bees is also organic and environmentally friendly.

Malcolm, with the help of members from the Goodisplanetearth team, has been involved in researching all aspects of beekeeping and bee products for use as both food and health supplements in this time, and also looking closely at scientific research into CCD – Colony Collapse Disorder.

The long term aims of Goodisplanetearth, are to secure a piece of land in order to open an entirely organic Bee Centre. Malcolm has begun this huge task by personally collecting many hives which are currently in storage, and we are currently enquiring after several pieces of land locally, which would be ideal locations for a Bee Centre. (Watch this space!!!)

We aim to site the Bee Centre in open heath land in an area not used by industrial farming, free from pesticide usage, and full of wild flowers, a perfect location for our bees! From here we aim to open education workshops to teach all aspects of bee keeping - from building hives to raising nuclei of Cornish Honey Bees. We hope to work closely with researchers at Keele University who are currently involved in testing for low level pesticides in bees and the effects on their immune systems, and also with the Bee Unit at FERA to learn about the various diseases and ailments that could adversely affect bees. We will also be looking closely at the health benefits of Bee products, such as propolis.

The Bee Centre would be open to the public, for education, training and the simple enjoyment of all aspects of  Bee keeping, Bee health and Bee awareness. In time we also hope to launch an 'Adopt-a-Hive' scheme, making it possible for individuals to 'own' a bee hive at the Bee Centre or one of the many satellite locations prior to the Bee Centre opening, receiving regular updates and pictures from their hive, which they would then be able to visit!

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